The traits of Carl are:

  • Graphic design

    Graphic design is like a child to me. Finding the perfect expression, bending the elements – the image, the text, the white space – to a shape and form where dynamics and harmony co-exist.

    For you I can design a passionate profile, intimate publication, epic billboards and much more.

  • Text

    Does verbs, adjectives and nouns give you the heebie jeebie?
    Fear not, for I love to braid words and expressions into neat little packages that carries whatever you wish to say to whom ever must hear it.

  • Illustration

    With a foundation in art (see "About") I can safely say that the shapes, strokes and colours inhabits my wrists. And mind!

    Sometimes I illustrate digital, other times analog, mostly I prefer the blend. And I fear not any tasks!

  • Web

    Web is kind of new to me. After my graduation from HDK, I new nothing. Since than I have self tought it: HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery.
    I am quite happy for this; I Understand webb, And more importantly, I understand design. Powerful tools it is said!