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Emil Åreng is one of Swedens greatest bartenders right now. And he’s been on one crazy trip. Together with Umeå-based photographer Andreas Nilsson he has travelled through Norrland – the north part of Sweden – and encountered celebrities and locals as well as visited special places and from each meeting he has crafted a unique cocktail based on that experience.
“Salongs-” is short for “salongsberusad”, which is equivalent of “tipsy”, and a great part of the book was typed on a Remington Rand 17, from 1964, as someone who had roughly one-and-a-half cocktails in their system would have.
I also made some illustrations inspired by old wine and spirit labels, as well as the cover-design.
Emil is really a story teller, and each cocktail that leaves his shakers always as an elaborate background story, and I really tried to do the same with the design of this book, by harvesting his qualities his crafthis storytelling and his eclectic creation.

The book is published by Anna Granlund’s North Chapter.